Housed at the Research Centre for Women’s Studies (RCWS), SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, since 2007, the IAWS Archives is a rich storehouse of newsletters, unpublished reports, letters of the various secretariats, records of EC meetings, and other material which have been perused and catalogued in a detailed manner for use. Subsequently, it has also been partially digitized. A portion of the maintenance grant from the Ford Foundation has been earmarked for developing and digitizing the IAWS archive. The archive will be active and functional from September 2009.


  1. 1981 Mumbai: First National Conference
  2. 1984 Thiruvananthapuram: Gender Justice
  3. 1986 Chandigarh: Women’s Struggles and Movements
  4. 1988 Vishakapatnam: Rural Women: Poverty, Survival, Struggle and Change
  5. 1991 Kolkata: Religion, Culture and Politics
  6. 1993 Mysore: The New Economic Policy and Women
  7. 1995 Jaipur: Looking Forward, Looking Back: In Search of Feminist Visions, Alternatives, Paradigms and Practices
  8. 1998 Pune: Survival and Sovereignty: Challenges to Women’s Studies
  9. 2000 Hyderabad: Women’s Perspectives on Public Policy
  10. 2002 Bhubaneswar: Sustaining Democracy: Challenges in the New Millennium
  11. 2005 Dona Paula, Goa: Sovereignty, Citizenship and Gender
  12. 2008 Lucknow: Feminism, Education and the Transformation of Knowledges
  13. 2011 Resisting marginalizations, Challenging hegemonies: Re-visioning Gender Politics

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